Massage Hamstrings

  1. Sit on a hard chair that’s high enough off the ground to let your legs hang.
  2. Place the lacrosse ball under your thigh, moving it around until you find a tender spot.
  3. Lean forward and rest your arm and your body weight on your thigh.
  4. Slowly extend and bend your knee for 30 seconds.
  5. Move the ball as needed and repeat.

Release Tight Glute

Lay on the floor with your knees bent and your head resting on a pillow. Place a lacrosse ball under one side of your buttocks. Find a sore spot and hold to the release tension then scoot your body to move the ball gently to another spot. Hold for 20-30 seconds on each sore spot.

Upper Back Pain

Place the peanut massage ball horizontally on your upper back. Then, roll up and down by pushing into the ground with your heels while using your forearms against the ground to the sides of your body to stabilize yourself.

Ease Calf Pain

Place the ball under your calf and increase the pressure as you let your full weight rest on the ball, working it around with slow movements. If you find a knot, pause there and point and flex your toes a few times to contract and extend the muscles.

Sore Feet No More

  1. Start by balancing your weight onto one foot, and then placing the toe mound of your other foot on the ball lightly.
  2. Gradually let your foot relax into the ball so that you start to feel the pressure of your body weight connecting your foot to the ball.
  3. Without adding too much pressure, begin rolling the ball all around the foot. Increase and decrease the pressure to your liking.